Adhar Project

Support for Asian people in the community

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How it all started

The Adhar Project was set up in 1989 and is a registered charity. "ADHAR" originates from the Indian language and means "SUPPORT". Trustees manage the project and the management committee is made up of professionals from a range of background and diversity, who work within social care/health and the independent sector.

The Adhar organisation offers support to:

We operate a referral system and referrals from social services and community mental health teams are given priority. Adhar staff and volunteers can offer health in all the main asian languages and these services are offered in a variety of ways, e.g. Through group settings at various community venues. The activities offered are educational, therapeutic, social, leisure and cultural. Often these activities provide clients the opportunity to experience feelings of security in, and of belonging to, a caring and nurturing environment.

Aims & objectives

To provide support for people in the community with a range of health and social care needs.

Group activities

The Adhar Project runs several groups that meet regularly to provide support and offer service users and their carers an opportunity to socialise in an appropriate cultural setting. These groups also provide opportunities to share information and experiences.

Programmes are planned in consultation with the group members and activities include the following:

The majority of the sessions are conducted in an Asian language.

Service co-ordinators

The Adhar Project employs experienced and trained personnel who facilitate the various groups and work closely with a wide range of professionals from health and social welfare services.

In addition to the group work, our service co-ordinators provide telephone support and advice.

Home visits and one-to-one support are provided for service users and carers where possible.

Adhar is pleased to have access to the services of several volunteers to assist in their work.

Company Registration No. 5524738
Registered Charity No. 1074772